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The Kooboard by Koowheel

Introducing the most advanced Koowheel electric skateboard to date, EFFICIENT and FAST.

The KOOBOARD by Koowheel


Super Efficient = Crazy Fast!

With DUAL - SUPER EFFICIENT custom 350 watt brushless motors, the KOOBOARD by Koowheel gives you more time to CARVE with a range of up to 20klm per charge and a top speed of up to 42kph!

With EASY to REPLACE battery packs you can SHRED all day long.


Built for Sk8ers

The KOOBOARD has some big chunky 97mm wheels to tame that pavement. And provide a crazy smooth ride!

Optional LED SAFE LIGHTS to keep you seen during those epic night sessions.


More SHRED Time!

Replace those worn KOOBOARD Rear Wheel Skins, EASILY and EXTREMELY FAST with our replaceable REAR WHEEL SKINS!


Reliable + Comfortable

The revised KOOBOARD remote does not suffer from those pesky dropouts and disconnects of the past. It is STEALTH and COMFORTABLE.



How fast can the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard go?

Unlocked the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard can reach speeds up to 42kph

How far can the KOOBOARD go before I'll need to charge the battery?

A fully charged KOOBOARD battery should take you up to 20klm* before needing to be charged 

*Using the KOOBOARD on the FASTEST setting will deplete the battery extremely fast, Range is dependant on the conditions as well as the riders aggressiveness 

Whats the maximum weight that the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard can safely handle?


Does the KOOBOARD have any warranty??

Yes! All boards come with a 1 year mechanical/Electrical warranty (Does not cover cosmetic damage or water damage)

Can I ride the KOOBOARD up hills?

You can ride up inclines up to 25°

How long does the KOOBOARD take to recharge?

About 2hrs for a full charge

How many charges will I get out of my KOOBOARD battery?

We've found that you get around 1650 charges out of a battery.

Is the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard waterproof?

The Hub Motors are IPX4 water and dust resistant allowing you to ride through puddles and through rain. BUT Do not submerge the board in any water, our warranty DOESN'T cover water damage

If there is a problem with my KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard how will it be resolved?

Contact us immediately and we will fix any issue that falls under our warranty.

How old do I have to be to use a KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard?

We recommend that anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised by or have permission from an adult. Everyone should wear a helmet and pads to protect themselves.

Can i Kick/Push the KOOBOARD if the battery runs out?

Absolutely, There is a bit of resistance due to the motors but kick pushing can be done very easily

How do I control the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard?

Acceleration, Slowing/Braking and Reverse is all done via the remote.  Turning is done in the traditional skateboard way of shifting your weight from one side to another

How do make the KOOBOARD brake or slow down?

Gently pulling back on the remote lever will cause the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard to slow to a stop.

Can I use the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard for my daily commute?

Of Course! We have many customers from students to professionals that use the KOOBOARD Electric Skateboard to commute to and from school and the office. Its a great and very environmentally friendly way to travel!

How much does the KOOBOARD weigh?